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About us


My name is Johanna Svantesson and I run the firm Tvinkla since 2011. Many people ask me what the name Tvinkla comes from and it is a mixture of several swedish words – hesitation, tilt, twist, but above all, it has its basis in the English “twinkle”. For me, the art and illustrations I do should brighten up the everyday life, it shall “tvinkla”. The motto is “Unleash your inner child!”

My recent illustrations consist of a series of baby animals in different formats. It is possible to get a separate letter on the images, making them even more personal. Don’t know what to buy your friend as a birthday gift? Buy an animal and the friend’s letter on it.

A popular product has been “The power animal”. A letter on the animal’s chest and a superhero jacket makes it perfect as a gift for the newborn child.

My boyfriend David has the main responsibility for our resellers, if you want to become one of them, please contact us!

Liquid black ink is currently my best friend, but I also like color. Watch for news to come!



E -mail: info@tvinkla.se
Åsa, Sweden

  • johanna-tvinkla

    Johanna Svantesson

    Founder and creator

  • david_webb

    David Pettersson


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